Peace and Security

After more than two decades of government mismanagement, civil war, and economic collapse, the Liberian people are now taking the first steps on the long road to recovery and sustained economic development.

The Government of Liberia’s reconstruction and development strategy is based on four pillars, each of equal importance:

1.    Expanding peace and security,
2.    Revitalizing economic activity,
3.    Rebuilding infrastructure and providing basic services, and
4.    Strengthening governance and the rule of law.

1. Enhancing Peace and Security
The Government of Liberia (GOL), working in close collaboration with it partners, is:

  • Building a capable and democratically accountable military force by completing the demobilization of ex-combatants, recruiting the first 2,000 new Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) troops, and initiating new military training programs.
  • Strengthening national security institutions by initiating a reorganization of all security agencies, completing a national security review, beginning to develop a national security plan, and demobilizing a significant portion of the Special Security Service (SSS).
  • Beginning to strengthen the Liberian National Police Force (LNPF) by completing severance payments to retire police personnel, recruiting new personnel, and opening “Women and Child Protection Units” in 4 LNPF stations.
  • Facilitating the return of 70,000 refugees from neighboring countries between January and June (75% more returnees than in all of 2005), reintegrating 50,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) to their homes (from the original number of 314,000), and providing support to the returnees through health, water, training, and employment programs.