Strengthening Governance and the Rule of Law

The desire to acquire and maintain state power through whatever means has been at the root of the Liberian Civil Conflict.

Bad governance, characterized by the abuse of basic human rights, the exclusion of certain sections of the society from the decision-making process, the lack of accountability and corruption are some of the key issues that the Ellen-led Government intend to tackle and adequately address.

As a result, the Government working in close collaboration with
it partners, has:

  • Developed a comprehensive anti-corruption strategy.
  • Established and commissioned the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and is in the process of concluding the establishment of a National Human Rights Commission.
  • Prepared a public officials’ code of conduct and rules and procedures for civil servants.
  • Developed and completed an anti-corruption strategy.
  • Initiated prison rehabilitation.
  • Designed an initial legislative training program for budget oversight,

The Government is also managing constituent relations, and undertaking legal reform.