Firstt Year Anniversary

My Fellow Liberians:

Today is a great day.  It is a great day for the women of Liberia.  It is a great day for African women and for many women around the world.  Today is a great day for all Liberians young and old, men and women, boys and girls.  We should be glad and grateful to our Almighty.  

Let me again use this opportunity to thank you all for the decision you made in November 2005 during the elections.  You did not go wrong!

One year ago, I raised my hand and swore to the Constitutional Oath of Office as President of our beloved Republic.  In my inaugural address, I pledged change, a break with the past and with business as usual.  I pledged to restore hope in our nation and in our peoples. I pledged to heal our national wounds and reunite our people.  I pledged to revive and improve our economy and create job opportunities. I pledged a new birth of freedom and democracy and the rule of law in our land.  I pledged an agenda of renewal and progress.  On that historic day,   I pledged accountability and transparency in the management of the affairs and resources of our country.

It was high noon that day.  The air surrounding the inaugural grounds and throughout our country was euphoric and expectant.  Our nation and people were and remain hopeful.

Today, we have come a full 365-day circle and it is only fair to take stock of our progress, our challenges and of the work that lies ahead of us individually and collectively.

But, before we do so, let me ask each of you in this place as well as those who are under my voice by radio, to stand and together observe three minutes of silence in thanksgiving to Almighty God whose mighty and wise Hands guided and steered us and the affairs of this Republic during these difficult, but rewarding twelve months.

Thank you!
My Fellow Liberians:

Peace, Security and Stability

At the end of our first year, I am proud to say that, albeit still fragile, our country is at peace. Our country is secure, and it is stable poised to begin anew.  This is one major achievement for which each and every Liberian should be grateful and proud.  It is one achievement for which we should all be thankful to our security forces, old and new.  We are thankful also to our sub-regional, regional and global partners and friendly Governments.  They have stood by and with us.  They have sent their young men and women and contributed enormous resources to create and maintain the peace which we enjoy today.  We also thank the Vice President, Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai and his able office staff for all the support we received during the past year. Download full speech below


  1. First Anniversary Speech
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