President Boakai and some confirmed officials after the commissioning program
President Boakai and some confirmed officials after the commissioning program

“We Mean What We Say”, President Boakai Tells Commissioned Officials, Says Any Official Caught In Corruption and Pilferage Will Pay the Price

Executive Mansion, Monrovia: Thursday, February 22, President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr., commissioned the first batch of members of his Cabinet Ministers recently confirmed by the Liberian Senate as part of his constitutional obligation enshrined in Article 54 of the 1986 Constitution. During the ceremony, President Boakai challenged the newly appointed officials to recognize the enormous task they have been called to perform in the interest of the country. He urged them to perform at the highest level, ensuring the deliverance of the Government's priorities to achieve his development agenda set for the next six years without any excuses. 

The President emphasized that his Administration will not tolerate corruption and pilferage, warning that anyone caught in the act will face the consequences, with no consideration of status.“Let it be known that we will not tolerate corruption and pilferage from the people’s coffers, as those found to be in breach of our anti-graft laws will give account and pay the price,” President Boakai declared, adding that “a hint to the wise is enough.”

He also ordered all government officials to immediately declare their assets to comply with anti-graft regulations as required. 

President Boakai declared that every cabinet minister and head of the agency would sign a performance contract to ensure projected deliverables are met, enhance government efficiency. He urged that they promote an open, transparent, and accountable government. 

The Liberian Chief Executive also announced that the Citizens Feedback Mechanism Project, piloted in five counties, will be activated, and implemented across the country to keep a close eye on the Government's performance. The Liberian leader reminded his ministers and heads of agencies that public service is not an entitlement but an opportunity for them to give back to the country and its people. He urged them to carry out their duties with utmost professionalism and compassion and find fulfillment in genuinely transforming the country. 

“When we officially took office, we informed the country and the world that the ‘business as usual approach’ would be a relic of the past for this Administration, and we mean it,” he emphasized. He added, “this is why we expect nothing less from the ministers, heads of agencies, and advisors being commissioned today, and others to follow by executing the mandate of their respective offices and performing their duties efficiently and selflessly for the public good.”

Cabinet ministers and advisors commissioned at this occasion include Foreign Minister Sara Beyslow Nyanti, Finance Minister Boima Kamara, Public Works Minister Roland Layfette Giddings, Minister of State Sylvester Grigsby, Youth and Sports Minister J. Cole Bangalu, Agriculture Minister J. Alexander Nuetah, Minister of Health, Dr. Louise Kpoto, Minister of Commerce and Industry Amin Modad, Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Mrs Gbeme Horace Kollie, Advisor to the President on Foreign Affairs, Amb. George Wallace, Senior Advisor to the President, Dr. Augustine Konneh, National Security Advisor, Atty. Samuel Kofi Woods, Legal Advisor, Cllr. Bushuben M. Keita (Esq.), and Ms. Macdella Cooper, Political Advisor to the President.