First Lady Weah Hails Liberia - France Relations

Monrovia, Liberia - First Lady Ambassador Clar Marie Weah has described as ‘vital, strong and mutually beneficial’, the cordial bilateral relations existing between the Republics of Liberia and France. 

France was one of the first countries to have recognized Liberia’s sovereignty in 1852, following the declaration of independence in 1847. The European nation continues to support Liberia’s development processes. 
Addressing the Francophonie in Liberia Festival Thursday, April 21, 2022, in Monrovia, the First Lady reiterated President George M. Weah’s praise for the 170-year-old Liberia- France relations when he laid the foundation stone of the Alliance Francaise Institute in Monrovia last year. 
“Nearly a year later, I can resoundingly repeat that indeed, the ties between our two nations and many of the francophone nations are bonded and strong, for which I am grateful,” Mrs. Weah said. 
“Here in Liberia, we are ever cognizant that we do not live in obscurity, but rather enjoy a myriad of connections interwoven culturally that see us today 
celebrating this Festival with our Francophone sisters and brothers. 
“The increase of exchanges of any kind between our people and the people of these neighboring countries is of mutual interest.” 
The Francophonie Festival, aimed at promoting the French language and culture among others, was held on the premises of Alliance Francaise. 
“I am happy to speak here in the Alliance Française, where soldiers and officers of the Armed Forces of Liberia are benefiting from French lessons which will allow them to intervene in peacekeeping operations in French-speaking countries, as they are courageously doing in Mali today, Mrs. 
Weah asserted.”