Key Staff

Hon G. Wesseh Blamoh
Minister of State

Hon. Jerfferson S. Kanmah
National Security Advisor

Hon.Trokon A. Kpui
Minister of State without Portfolio

Hon. Sherman Seequeh
Communications Director & Head of Public Affairs

Hon. Nora Finda Bundoo
Chief of Protocol, Executive Mansion

Hon. Mends Johnson
Deputy Chief of Staff for Protocol, Executive Mansion

Makennah L. Keita Deputy
Chief of Staff for Special Projects

Hon. Mohammed S. Kromah
Assistant Chief of Staff/Human Resources & Employee Relations

Hon. Isaac Solo Kelgbeh
Press Secretary to the President

Hon. Harry B. Sando, Sr.
Financial Comptroller

Hon. J. Emmanuel Potter
Assistant Chief of Staff for Logistics

Mrs. Hannah Okoro
Director, Domestic & Special Services